Boyd Matson of National Geographic took our Multi-Active Tour of Macedonia in May 2013. He said:


Please link to any of my videos or radio interviews about Macedonia. Again it was a great trip and we still have some more stories to tell.

Here’s the link to story about churches in Macedonia

Here’s the link to the story about caving in Macedonia:

Here’s the link to the story about rakija in Macedonia:

The radio shows can be found at

– Boyd


We are back from Macedonia and Albania and we just want to say thanks for planning such a great trip for us. We had a fantastic time! Nikola, Ervin and Agim were great guides/drivers. Couldn’t have asked for a better trip!

– Janine

Dear Kathy,

Our trip to Russia worked out very well. The guides in St. Petersburg and Moscow were most informative.

Someone worked very hard to make the Tomsk visit successful for us. The use of three different guides and an interpreter was an effective arrangement. The Siberian village experience was really memorable.

Thanks to your agency.

– David Springate

Hi Kathy,

Just wanted to let you know our Balkan trip was a huge success. Classic Bulgaria was good, especially the sights and food… The Taste of Albania was a real treat, thanks in large part to the excellence of our drive-guide Kliti, who sends his regards, incidentally. He treated us to the unusual beauty of the countryside, the delicious local cuisine, and the wide range of antiquities throughout the country. In short, it was a great trip.

– Set Mardirosian

Dear Sirs,

A brief note to say I enjoyed my trip to N. Ireland and that Nigel Ness went out of his way to give me an enjoyable and interesting tour.

– Albert L. Batik

Dear Kathy,

Just a few words of thanks for your arranging my week in Cyprus. Everything went smoothly, including a pleasant personal visit with the representative of your tourist agency in Limassol… Again, thank for your many efforts.

– Myrtis

Dear Ms. Kutrubes,

My experiences in Albania were made extremely enjoyable by Zamir Serczi, my guide-interpreter, and by Sami Murati, my driver. Both of them went far beyond just doing their jobs for me… The costal road to Saranda was not on my itinerary. It is a greater distance and a more demanding road. But Sami wanted me to see the beauty of the coast as we drove along the mountain highway. So he chose to drive the extra distance along a precarious road, and I know I saw some of the world’s most spectacular and beautiful scenery… Kathy, I have visited many countries, and I don’t normally go on like this. Obviously Albania and Albanians have impressed me tremendously. I thank you for making the Albanian trip possible…

– Roy E. Howell

Dear Kathy,

On behalf of the Municipality of Saranda and myself, I would like to express my warmest regards and sincere gratitude for your promotion of Saranda in the upcoming New York Times Show, 2006. We consider this event a great opportunity to display all Saranda has to offer and without your help, our participation would not be possible…

– The Honorable Edmond Gjoka, Mayor of Saranda


Our recent trip to Albania was just extraordinary. Joe and I have traveled to many places but we enjoyed this trip immensely. Certainly the natural beauty of Albania and its fascinating history made it wonderful. Greatly contributing to the trip were our excellent guide, Ervin Budo, and our wonderful driver, Agim. They made the trip a delightful one. Ervin’s knowledge of the religions of Albania and the country’s history are exceptional. He knew the details of all the historical, archeological, and religious sites. Ervin was personally well known wherever we went. His personality made the trip special because the people at the different places genuinely liked him and thus they went out of their way to help us. Having a driver with Agim’s experience makes traveling the roads much more pleasant and safe. We would say that if Ervin and Agim were available for anyone who takes this trip to Albania that they will be very pleased to have them. We would highly recommend both Ervin and Agim without any reservation.

– Joseph Alfano and Tom Dorsey

Hi Kathy,

The tour was quite good, as the tour companies were most conscientious, checking frequently with the tour guides to ascertain that everything was going OK. Our hotels were all satisfactory… Our first guesthouse in Georgia was lovely… On our last night in Azerbaijan we stayed in a renovated caravansary on the Silk Road, which we very much enjoyed. The meals were all more than adequate… The guides all spoke good English, were courteous and obliging. I would recommend this tour.

– Eleanor Mayo

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